CallMax Plus

CASE STUDY: McLEA’S TIRE AND AUTOMOTIVE CENTERS Les McLea and his brother Rick get unsolicited calls from potential vendors every day. The owners of McLea Tire and Automotive Centers, with four locations in northern California, have heard pretty much everything. Yet, when Les found himself on the telephone with Dan Molloy, president of Molloy Business Development, a […]

SalesMax Plus

TWIN TIRE DOMINATES THEIR MARKET THROUGH USE OF THE POWERFRFUL SalesMaxPlus™ PLATFORM Every ringing phone at a tire and auto repair center represents a chance to make money, which means every unanswered call is a lost opportunity. The facts can be sobering: 85 percent of potential customers whose calls go unanswered never call back. Nearly a […]

Sales Academy

COMMUNICATION: A PRIORITY FOR SUCCESS IN THE AUTO GLASS INDUSTRY The auto glass industry has been taking it on the chin lately, as the insurance companies have increased their deductibles and decreased the amounts they are willing to pay for repairs. As a result, glass companies must be able to sell more cash jobs. Price, as […]