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Les McLea and his brother Rick get unsolicited calls from potential vendors every day. The owners of McLea Tire and Automotive Centers, with four locations in northern California, have heard
pretty much everything. Yet, when Les found himself on the telephone with Dan Molloy, president of Molloy Business Development, a New Jersey-based sales training and business development
organization, he listened.

“We’ve been a successful company for a number of years, but recently we found ourselves pretty much cruising on automatic,” said Les McLea, whose company has been in business for 30+
years. “When Dan started talking about how you can reinvent the future and improve the way you communicate with both customers and each other, it resonated with me. I got Rick involved, we
met with Dan, and pretty quickly decided to move ahead.”

The relationship with Molloy began with the implementation of Molloy’s “CallMaxPlus™” system which provided for up-to-the minute monitoring of McLea’s advertising return on investment (ROI), and the recording of subsequent sales calls received by its 40 representatives.

“We listened to their sales calls together for six months, assessing the language they used and grading their effectiveness with our patent-pending process,” Molloy explained. “We then pointed
out new communications distinctions and taught McLea staff to communicate more effectively”. This included training and coaching on learning, understanding and applying the different moves and nuances of language that improves communication with both prospective customers and operationally between themselves.”

Through the use of CallMaxPlus and employee coaching, we established clear standards for effective communication.  The McLea staff was guided to move away from talking about sizes and prices when responding to a question of “How much will it cost for a set of tires?” Instead, personnel were trained to “interlace their dialogue with discussions on commitments designed to build trust and credibility (ie: ‘My name is Bill, I’ve been with the company for 24 years, and I promise you that I will give you the best service in town at a fair price’). Or, a declaration designed to invent a new future (ie: ‘My only job is to become your car guy for life,’). Each coupled with statements of fact (ie: ‘The technician you’ll be seeing is Jimmy. He’s been with us for 18 years and is master certified in 10 different disciplines.’)

Using this unique, patent-pending system, Molloy’s team was able to measure and compare the effectiveness of calls based on various levels of criteria including “building trust and credibility”
and “generating action /commitment for the future.” The scores jumped dramatically over time, as did the productivity, financial performance and mood of the company.

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