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The auto glass industry has been taking it on the chin lately, as the insurance companies have increased their deductibles and decreased the amounts they are willing to pay for repairs. As a
result, glass companies must be able to sell more cash jobs. Price, as a result, usually becomes the determining factor – unless the sales staff can create real value in what they offer. These are the circumstances under which Elite Auto Glass, with more than 100 branches and call centers, found itself. To address the problem they hired the Molloy Business Development Group
to train their teams to communicate more effectively.

“The truth is, it will always come down to cost unless your people are able to create value in the promises they make, the assertions that back the quality of their work, and the declarations they
make to the customer about the future,” explained Dan Molloy, president of the New Jersey-based sales training company. “Guiding customers to see a value beyond price is the position of strength you want to be in.”

Working with Elite Auto Glass at its call centers in the Midwest, as well as in Phoenix and Denver, the Molloy team worked closely to teach employees how to build trust with the “music and the words” of its patent-pending “Language of Commitment™” program. Coaches used a “blended approach’, working with Elite’s staff onsite, as well as through online tutoring and video conferencing. Over time, they closely monitored how the call center staff performed by scoring “Live Customer” calls.

“The Language of Commitment™” – the cornerstone of the Molloy’s training regimen – was designed for clients, both major corporations and mom-and-pop shops, to help them become more effective on the telephone and in face-to-face meetings. This translates into improved communication skills, whether at work with customers or at home with family.

“Language is at the heart of everything,” said Molloy. “We use language to create a clear vision for employees and customers. It’s the foundation of leadership. You create the mood of success by
learning the words and the music.” In the case of Auto Elite Glass, the transformation was quick and dramatic.

“People who work in call centers are usually open to learning because they make their living on the phone,” said Molloy. “Yet, there is always another level you can take them to. Within just eight
weeks, we were able to produce some very impressive results.”

According to Bruce Aschenbrener, call center manager of Elite Auto Glass, retail appointments doubled as staff were coached and incorporated their training. Appointments continue to be
maintained at over 50% while, simultaneously, the overall appointment rate has improved by nearly 50%. The skill and efficiency taught through “The Language of Commitment™” program
has allowed for call volume to more than double, with the company adding very little additional overhead.

In a memo to Molloy, Aschenbrener praised his team for being a big part of this success, adding “Thank you for making such a huge and profitable difference. Real value is a rare gift that, when
properly employed, can bring people and teams to levels they never dreamed of.”

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