Category: Performance Analytics

Client: Twin Tire Auto Care

Date: 2016

Tags: Twin Tire Automotive

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Every ringing phone at a tire and auto repair center represents a chance to make money, which means every unanswered call is a lost opportunity. The facts can be sobering:

  • 85 percent of potential customers whose calls go unanswered never call back.
  • Nearly a third of callers hang up immediately if they are placed on hold.
  • Of those who stay on the line, nearly three-fifths give up within the first five minutes.
  • Unanswered calls convey to potential customers that a business is not equipped to handle their needs.
  • Nearly all who hang up won’t call more than twice before moving on to a competitor.

It it clear; missed calls result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue every day. And yet, hang ups and unanswered calls are only part of the problem. When callers do get through, the store loses additional revenue if the sales person fails to make a commitment or gain one from the customer in the form of an appointment to come into the store. That is, if the call is handled ineffectively and the customer simply hangs up after speaking with the sales person.

SalesMaxPlus™ from Molloy BDG provides powerful analytics for tire and auto centers that can deliver closing percentages, customer retention rates, and customer conversion rates while furnishing a complete history of sales leads to the store. You can not only quantify the transactions made at the registers, you can track lost potential.

SalesMaxPlus™ accurately calculates closing percentages by region, store, salesperson, and product or service. It identifies which products interest potential customers the most, provides sales professionals access to leads, tracks the effectiveness of ad campaigns, and evaluates individual sales calls for training purposes. In addition, it can track sales leads every day, generating daily, weekly, or monthly reports to tell managers which salespeople are the best producers and which products are attracting the most customer interest.

Dennis Richard is owner of Twin Tire, a Louisiana-based company with stores in Marrero, Harvey, and Hammond. Richard says he was “born and raised in the tire business” and selling tires is “the meat and potatoes of my business; my bread and butter”. “You always think you’re doing well, and then you get a score card… and then you know better,” he says. “Over time we all can slip back into our bad habits and cut back on the things we were taught. Sales Max Plus got us back on track.”

“The data is the most valuable thing to us,” he says, adding that reminding sales professionals to say “I can help you with that” has attracted more price shoppers into the stores. “You would think it would be a no-brainer, but it’s not,” he says. I’ve used the stats to change behavior of the sales people, and myself. There’s a big difference in me saying this is important and handing out a sheet that shows the results. To me that is a big factor. It’s not just me, as manager or owner repeating things over and over. It’s right there for them to see.”

Richard says having the data provided by SalesMaxPlus™ “can absolutely change your behavior.” Market research suggests that despite all of our advances in technology, as many as 80 percent of a business’ inbound communication still comes via the telephone. Today’s consumers usually research the products and services they need online and then call the business at the point they are ready to make a purchase. By some estimates, consumers are as much 70 to 90 percent of the way through the purchase process when they pick up the phone to call. They want immediate access, quick assistance, and a commitment from the sales team that their needs can be met. Once calls are answered, the rest is up to the sales team. Richard says he uses SalesMaxPlus™ reports in training and coaching sales people, “It opens them up to a conversation”.

Playing back recorded calls has helped his sales team improve interactions with customers, Richards explains. “It’s one thing for me to try to sit there and hear what’s going on,” he says, “but when you hear a live example of a call, it changes your behavior.”

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