Make smarter decisions based on a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t. The CallMax Plus service platform can make the difference between surviving in your marketplace and thriving in it!

Call Tracking
  • Improve you marketing ROI by tracking you advertising effectiveness
  • Unique Tracking numbers are assigned to each advertising campaigns across all types of media (web, print, broadcast, billboard)… and capture sales leads in the process.
  • local and toll-free numbers
  • Program auto-attendants to route phone traffic to call centers, stores, or branches as needed in real time
Call Recording
  • Inbound Calls: all inbound sales opportunities are available for immediate review
  • Outbound Calls: record outbound sales calls made by your staff & CSRs
  • Record all sales calls for feedback and training
  • Identify sales opportunities to improve both your customer retention and customer conversion rates
  • Simple and easy access to robust analytics and reports
  • Calculate closing percentages, customer retention rates, and customer conversion rates
  • Caller History: See a complete history of calls including duration & location
  • Track sales leads every day and Generate reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Integrate data into your CRM and Google Anaylitic Systems